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Purchase This Mask to Help Us Raise Money For A Maryland Food Pantry

In these times there are several challenges that people are facing. One of these challenges is the lack of healthy foods to eat for people who are experiencing poverty. Partner with us to help make a difference for one local food pantry.

Who Is This For?

Asbury Church Assistance Network, INC. better known as ACAN is a food bank located in Severna Park, Maryland. They offer fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to people in need.


ACAN’S mission is to serve people suffering from homelessness or poverty by delivering health foods to them.

Their Goal

ACAN has the “Van Fund” which will aid them in purchasing a safe, reliable vehicle that will enable them to not only pick up more food but assist them in delivering food to those physically unable to make it to the pantry.

Our Response

We created a mask that says “It won’t always be this way” to help raise awareness of the problem of poverty and to raise money for ACAN. This campaign’s purpose is to raise $1,000 or more towards the “Van Fund.”
When you purchase your mask for $7 to $5 you will be helping ACAN reach their goal and sharing hope with those around you.